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Titanium was founded by Gray Miller with a mission to improve healthcare.

As a seasoned process improvement executive, Gray was shocked during the hospitalization and near death of his father due to a combination of healthcare failings. His observations and engineering thinking began a blueprint for a better way to manage care in a setting most appropriate for the patient.


Gray began to share his observations with like minded industry experts. He also had contributions from different perspectives. Nurses, physicians, hospital and health plan executives, and patients. Each group had experiences and suggestions for a better way.


The team at Titanium took these differing views and with the benefit of decades of experience and leadership, created the Titanium approach for a better healthcare delivery system. “We have assembled a group of passionate executives who are experts at eliminating unnecessary testing, admissions, and utilization. Titanium was founded with a mind to create health care delivery as the patient would want it” notes
Mr. Miller.


Titanium Healthcare operates two high risk clinics in the greater
Los Angeles area, supporting 1.1mm lives.
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In order to get the big details right, you have to manage the little ones.




The world is full of talk. Our goal is to be the inspiration and perspiration to get things done to the mutual benefit of clients and patients.


We want to create healthcare worthy of the people we care about.


To become a risk partner to health systems and be willing to put our margins where our mouth is.


To do whatever it takes to break through barriers and boundaries to make better processes.  Fixes are often not easy and require great tenacity and resolve.


Quite simply, the best service comes from hiring the best people and making sure that their compensation and reward structure is directly tied to the success of the client. We don’t want satisfied clients. We want delighted clients.

Gray Miller

Chief Executive Officer


Gray Miller is the founder of Titanium Healthcare and is a very seasoned leader.
He began his career with service in the United States Navy on a fast attack, nuclear submarine. He also spent 10 years at General Electric company as a process improvement expert in GE’s Six Sigma initiative.


Gray wanted to apply the engineering and process improvement methodologies to an industry that vitally needed it: healthcare. He started up a business delivering healthcare to mineworkers and their families then led a hospitalist company headquartered in Houston, TX as President and CEO for 6 years.


Gray is a graduate of the US Navy’s nuclear engineering program, has a BS in Finance from the University of Maryland, is a graduate of GE's Financial Management program and is a certified Master Black Belt and Six Sigma Quality Leader.

Frantz Melio, MD

Chief Medical Advisor


Dr. Melio has over 20 years in leadership of health care program improvements. He began his career as an Emergency Physician. Once he began to practice medicine, Dr. Melio realized that there were significant opportunities to improve processes and create better, measured care.


Dr. Melio believes that with solid analytics, training, better support structures and aligned incentives, great strides can be made in healthcare delivery. “There is a huge potential for savings in streamlining healthcare. I have personally seen instances where a deeper understanding of the needs of the patients could have avoided hospitalizations.” Dr. Melio has made a commitment to healthcare better.


Dr. Melio is a boarded emergency room physician. He graduated from New York Medical College and was most recently Chief Medical Officer at CHRISTUS St. Vincent, Santa Fe, NM and CEO of the Hospital Based Physician Practices group.

Joe Jordan, MD, MBA

Chief Medical Officer


Dr. Jordan has over 20 years in leadership of health care. He began his career as a Hospitalist Physician. After spending time in hospitals and with hospitalist physicians, Dr. Jordan realized that the processes for patient care could be vastly improved. Characterized by lots of paper and redundant effort, the changing of these processes became the mission of Dr. Jordan.

He then lead the Kaiser Mid-Atlantic division as a Hospitalist Physician Executive. Dr. Jordan was most recently Chief Medical Officer for Intercede Health, in Houston, TX, where he
lead 150 physicians in activities ranging from Hospitalist to Intensivist and Utilization Management.


Dr. Jordan has also worked extensively on the payor side, both private and Medicare, to improve care management processes facilitating the payor- provider relationship.


Dr. Jordan has a passion for excellence and efficiency.  In particular, the space of chronic patient management is an area where doing the right thing for the patient creates value across the board and saves significant expense.


Dr. Jordan graduated from Medical College of Virginia, earned his undergraduate from the University of Virginia and his MBA from
George Washington University.

John Lawson

President, Titanium Physicians


John Lawson is a seasoned recruiting executive with over 15 years in leadership positions. He has grown recruiting organizations from the ground up and is also a person who has a wide breadth of life experiences, beyond physician recruiting.


John began his career teaching American football in Denmark, which he did for 10 years.  Upon his repatriation to the United States, John knew that healthcare was an area where he wanted to positively change. Personal experiences in Danish healthcare versus American healthcare led him to the conclusions that there was much to be improved. John also knew that great teams come from outstanding performers. He applies that to his healthcare activities every day.


John earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the Southern Connecticut State University.

Problems need to be broken down
into their most granular components
to achieve success



308 million



people visit the ER 136 million times in a year in the USA and of those
16.2 million get admitted

once discharged, the national 30 day any “reason” readmission rate is 21%

the average cost to medicare for a hospital admission in the USA is $16,700


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