Heart & Science

We are a healthcare company that puts heart and compassion above all else. This has allowed us to engineer a model of care that uses high-level care management and relationship-building to get to the core of what keeps the sickest among us sick.

Better outcomes for everyone

Millions of Americans just aren’t getting the medical care they need. We’re on a mission to change that.
For patients that means exceptional support and better care. For providers it means better support and time to focus on patients, and for partners that means higher quality and lower cost.

Our mission is to fearlessly reengineer the way healthcare works – to reduce its cost, ensure better outcomes and provide everyone, everywhere with the kind of compassionate, coordinated care they deserve.

Healthcare the way we’d want it for our own families.

Titanium was founded by Gray Miller with a mission to improve healthcare. As a seasoned process improvement executive, Gray was shocked during the hospitalization and near death of his father due to a combination of healthcare failings. His observations and engineering thinking began a blueprint for a better way to manage care in a setting that’s most appropriate for the patient.

Gray began to share his observations with like-minded industry experts. He also had contributions from different perspectives: nurses, physicians, hospital & health plan executives, and patients. Each group had experiences and suggestions for a better way.

Absorbing these differing views and with the benefit of decades of experience and leadership, we have created the Titanium Approach for a Better Healthcare Delivery System. Or, as we like to call it, simply: ‘The Heart & Science of Healthcare’.

Nobody puts Baby in the corner

Titanium is transforming healthcare with a model that leaves no one behind. Every day we are using our unique expertise and backgrounds to shape a healthcare model that allows everyone, everywhere to have the kind of compassionate, coordinated care they deserve.

We believe everyone deserves the ability to obtain the highest level of care.

Our patients

We serve people on Medicaid and Medicare who have three chronic conditions or more. We also take care of regular Primary Care patients, pediatrics at selection locations, and perform Annual Wellness Visits.


Removing barriers

We dramatically cut the cost of care by improving outcomes and reducing hospital use and readmission rates. We do this by addressing the individual needs of each person and removing the clinical and social barriers that prevent them from becoming healthy.
Those barriers can be as simple as finding the motivation to quit smoking or the ability to keep track of their medications. They can also be as complex as food and housing insecurity, transportation issues, language barriers, mental health and substance use issues.


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© Titanium Healthcare® Inc. | All Rights Reserved.