We’re looking for driven and amazing people who truly want to make healthcare better.

Compassion in action

Titanium people are creative, active, solution-oriented, and strong. We’re filled with drive and energy. We don’t just sit around waiting for a problem to resolve itself– we actively look to find solutions. When we do, we move with agility.

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Many of our patients are vulnerable and unable to advocate for themselves. We need our people to be their voice and to act with integrity, responsibility, and resilience to get the job done.

“We know these patients have a hard life. When they come in sometimes it is the only time all week that they can use the restroom without stress and have a clean glass of water. What’s next for them? What are they going to eat? Where are they going to sleep? They can’t even always keep their meds on them. We’re here to help them.”

Downtown Los Angeles clinic employee

They (Titanium) mean what they say. When you hear Gray talk about doing things in a different way, he really means it. It is not a cool catch phrase. What I enjoy most about it is that it seems they are open to input from anybody. Front office, back office, whoever it is, they are open to listening to the whole team to make things better. Because they are really trying to make things better.”

Titanium employee

I’ve been with the company for about six months, it is a whole different experience. Input is never overlooked and input is put into play.

Titanium Care Coordinator

Providers want to be good doctors, to practice medicine the way it’s meant to be practiced. Titanium has made me believe in this country’s healthcare again.

Titanium provider


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Copyright ©  Titanium Healthcare® Inc. 
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