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We’re creating healthcare the way we’d want it for our own families.

Titanium was founded by Gray Miller with a mission to improve healthcare. As a seasoned process improvement executive, Gray was shocked during the hospitalization and near death of his father due to a combination of healthcare failings. His observations and engineering thinking began a blueprint for a better way to manage care in a setting that’s most appropriate for the patient.

Gray began to share his observations with like-minded industry experts. He also had contributions from different perspectives: nurses, physicians, hospital & health plan executives, and patients. Each group had experiences and suggestions for a better way.

Absorbing these differing views and with the benefit of decades of experience and leadership, we have created the Titanium Approach for a Better Healthcare Delivery System. Or, as we like to call it, simply: ‘The Heart & Science of Healthcare’.

Today, Titanium operates five high-risk clinics, one primary care clinic, and supports of 2.5 million lives in the greater Los Angeles area and Fresno.


Titanium Healthcare
Medi-Cal readmission rate


Reduction in overall
medical costs


30-day readmission rates in
our Medicare Advantage Members


Better capture of risk
adjustment factors through
our extensive clinical visits

Problems are often easy to spot. Solving them requires deep analytics, precise planning, and exceptional people.

Our goal

The world is full of talk. Our goal is to be the inspiration and perspiration to get things done to the mutual benefit of clients and patients.


We want to create healthcare worthy of the people we care about.


To become a risk partner to health systems and be willing to put our margins where our mouth is.


To do whatever it takes to break through barriers and boundaries to make better processes. Fixes are often not easy and require great tenacity and resolve. Done to the mutual benefit of clients and patients.

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