September Success Stories

Highlighting some of the great work Titanium Healthcare Lead Care Managers, Care Coordinators, and Housing Navigators achieved in September 2023 for the California Enhanced Care Management Program, Community Supports Program, and Washington Health Homes.

Illustration of a Care Coordinator reminding a patient of his appointment

“Just Getting Started”

LCM/CC/HN/RES/Nurse: Dania

Conditions: Depression, Anxiety.

Situation: My member is a 30-year-old male who is
homeless and has a hard time keeping track of his
medical information. While completing a comprehensive
assessment with him, he did not know who his PCP was
and had not seen a doctor in a long time.

Outcome: I took time to explain to the member that LA
Care had assigned him to a PCP office and assisted him
with scheduling an initial appointment with PCP.
I offered to schedule him LA Care transportation
services and he agreed. I was also able to conduct a
three-way call with him on the line to teach him how
to arrange transportation for himself. Since he has
depression and anxiety, he also expressed interest
in mental health resources, so I informed the PCP’s
receptionist that he would like to discuss that during his
visit. I offered to remind him of his appointment when it
was coming up and he expressed his gratitude for this
program to help him coordinate his care and health.

Health Plan: LA Care, CA

“Giving Therapy A Chance”

LCM/CC/HN/RES/Nurse: Karl

Conditions: Essential Primary Hypertension.

Situation: When I first met with my 59-year old member at his home that he shared with his mother, he was not doing well. He told me his story: He had initially earned a master’s degree in English, then in the 1990’s he went back to graduate school and completed all the coursework required for his PhD, however, he did not complete his dissertation. He eventually quit, and by his own admission, he has been quitting and getting fired from jobs ever since. When we met he was unemployed and admitted that he struggled with anxiety and depression. When I asked him about his progress in looking for a job, he admitted to me he was afraid of getting a new job in case he would just be fired. From my experience, living in a homeless shelter definitely causes people with chronic health problems to get much worse.

Outcome:After much convincing and coaching, despite his reservations, he decided to give therapy a chance. He now is gainfully employed, can pay his rent and is doing very well in therapy. I told him it didn’t have to be this way, and thankfully he decided to believe me.

Health Plan: Amerigroup WA

Illustration of a Titanium Care coordinator holding a clip board and offering advice

“Transport Win”

LCM/CC/HN/RES/Nurse: Dana

Conditions: Hirschsprung Disease, Kidney Disease, Hypotension, Tachycardia, Depression, Anxiety.

Situation: My member, a 27-year-old male, informed me that he has been very down on not being able to walk very well with his health declining and having to attend dialysis three times a week besides having had surgery for his collapsed lungs. He also has heart problems and has breathing issues. I assured him that I would be able to schedule his transportation for his dialysis because he was worried about it due to having to leave for appointments as early as 5:00 AM.

Outcome: I arranged transportation and sent him the accessible transportation application to obtain for non-medical trips. Member states he was very grateful for my assistance and was happy with our services.

Health Plan: Anthem, CA

“The Whole Enchilada”

LCM/CC/HN/RES/Nurse: Antone

Conditions: History of Breast Cancer, Blind, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Anxiety, Hx Depression, Hypertension, Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Situation: Situation: My member is a 59-year-old female and has been wanting to enroll in a home delivery food program. I was able to research and confirm the local Senior Services Organization that she can apply for under their Meals On Wheels program.
Additionally, I was able to connect with the Meals on Wheels Program manager of St. Barnabus Senior Service, verifying her eligibility for the program. I forwarded the manager’s contact info to her, but she had trouble contacting him so I tried on her behalf, also having trouble myself. I finally got in touch with the manager and was able to enroll her in the program.

Outcome: My member states that she is now receiving meals delivered to her 2-3 times per week and she says it is quality food that she enjoys with chicken enchiladas being her favorite!

Health Plan: Anthem, CA

“A Fresh Set of Eyes”

LCM/CC/HN/RES/Nurse: Amy

Conditions: Diabetes, Hypertension, Arthritis, Knee pain, Menstrual Issues.

Situation: My 53-year-old member has had issues with her women’s health and was unsure that her OB GYN provider was giving her the proper guidance regarding her conditions. She wasn’t sure what to do since she has been with the provider for a long time.

Outcome: I was able to assist her with requesting a referral to another OB GYN provider to get a second opinion on her condition. The referral has since been approved and my member is relieved that she will be able to follow up on her condition with a fresh set of eyes.

Health Plan: LA Care, CA

“Mending Mind and Body”

LCM/CC/HN/RES/Nurse: Giovani

Conditions: Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension,
Sleep Apnea, Bipolar Depression, Fatty Liver Disease, Depression, PTSD.

Situation: My member is a 50-year-old female domestic violence survivor who struggles with PTSD.
Recent news has made it difficult for her mental health and she really wanted to see a mental health specialist. She also wanted to lower down her A1C score and address her diabetes.

Outcome: I was able to help her by calling her PCP and requesting two referrals for a nutritionist and a mental health specialist. She has since received the authorization and I’m hoping to follow up with her next month to see how her process is going. I truly hope that this will address her problems so that she can be of sound mind and body.

Health Plan: LA Care, CA

“Ready to Take the Next Steps”

LCM/CC/HN/RES/Nurse: Sandra

Conditions: Diabetes Type II, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Stroke, Depression.

Situation: A while back, my 63-year-old female member had scored high on her PHQ 2 and PHQ 9 (depressive symptom assessments), so I had offered her mental health resources and she declined, stating she was “okay for the moment.” This month, she called me and told me in confidence that she was ready to start therapy because “her depression and mean thoughts were getting worse.” That same day, I called the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health and merged her onto the call. With my help and translation services, she told the representative at the department what she had been feeling and thinking through the assessment/screening.

Outcome: From that call, she received a referral to a clinic near her and they were set to call her within three business days. I followed up with her on the fourth day, and she stated they had called and set her up with her first appointment to therapy. She thanked me and stated she was ready to take the next steps for her depression.

Health Plan: LA Care, CA

“Kitty Companion”

LCM/CC/HN/RES/Nurse: Christina

Conditions: Major Depression Disorder, COPD, Restless Legs Syndrome, Diverticulosis.

Situation: My member is a 74-year-old female who had her companion cat stolen from her. The member was very sad and asked me if I could help her get a new kitty because she was feeling sad and lonely without her own.

Outcome: I looked for resources and gave her the information about where she would be able to get a kitty delivered to her home. She was very happy and thanked me for helping find her a new cat.
Health Plan: Central California Alliance for Health, CA

Illustration of a cute cat playing with a ball of string.

“Turning the Page”

LCM/CC/HN/RES/Nurse: Mayra

Situation: My member is 26-years-old and facing homelessness while caring for her one-year-old child which has proved challenging, but I stepped in to support.

Outcome: In addition to facilitating a housing referral, I aided in resume review and interview tips to boost her chances of finding employment in the medical field. Recognizing her unique struggles as a first-time mother without support, I provided guidance on parenthood. She is on her way to housing and employment and I will be there for her with assistance every step of the way.

Health Plan: Anthem, CA

“Setting Up Success”

LCM/CC/HN/RES/Nurse: Elyza

Situation: My 5-year-old member’s family expressed a keen interest in enrolling their child in an Early Learning Program, but they thought financial constraints seemed insurmountable.

Outcome: I informed the parents about a free Early Learning Program tailored for low-income families in Oakland County, alleviating their financial concerns. The member’s mother was overjoyed by this valuable information, and I not only shared the application link but also provided a brochure for in-depth details, opening doors to educational opportunities for him.

Health Plan: Alameda Alliance, CA

“Getting a Leg Up”

LCM/CC/HN/RES/Nurse: Nancy

Conditions: Chronic Kidney Disease, Coronary Artery Disease, Diabetes, Hypertension.

Situation: My 62-year-old member had lost his leg due to diabetes and his prosthetic leg was getting very worn out. His wife did not know who else to ask for assistance as she had already tried to request a new prosthetic for her husband. I made numerous attempts to reach out to his doctors for a new referral for a new prosthetic leg. When he finally received the referral, he was scheduled for an evaluation but had to wait almost a month for the appointment. He was suffering because the prosthetic was bruising his leg, so he decided not to use it entirely, having difficulty walking or accompanying his family to outdoor events.

Outcome: I assisted him in making contact with the DME(Durable Medical Equipment) clinic and requested an earlier appointment for him. Luckily, there was a cancellation, and I was able to schedule an appointment for the next day. I informed him and his wife and she thanked me for the assistance and stated her husband looked happier to have a prosthetic leg.

Health Plan: LA Care, CA

“Healing in Remembrance”

LCM/CC/HN/RES/Nurse: Maria

Conditions: Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Liver Disease, Major Depression Disorder.

Situation: My 42-year-old member expressed concern about finding a new psychiatrist and how she feels that her current psychiatrist is not doing much to help her. She said she’d been going through a rough time in trying to stay positive and move forward, but has been grieving her son’s death which occurred two months prior. She is still grieving about losing him, but is trying to do everything in her power to get better for her other two boys who need her as well.

Outcome: I provided her with the NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Health) contact information and researched new psychiatrists who accept HN and are available for new patients, providing her with a list of 4 psychiatrists. I also told her not to hesitate to reach out to me if she needs more assistance or starts feeling worse.

Health Plan: Health Net, CA

“Placard Power”

LCM/CC/HN/RES/Nurse: Cristina

Conditions: Hypertension, Chronic Kidney Disease, Kidney Transplant (x2), Dialysis 3x/week, Gout.

Situation: My member is a 66-year-old male who asked me to get a disabled placard for his car. He goes to dialysis 3x/week and takes his wife to chemotherapy 2x/ week, mentioning to me that when he goes to his appointments he has to park very far and has a hard time walking to the front door.

Outcome: I went to the DMV and picked up the application for him, also delivering it to him in-person and helping him fill it out. He took the application to his PCP and got it signed and the next day he got a call letting him know that it was ready. He went to the DMV and got his disabled placard and thanked me for assisting him.

Health Plan: Central California Alliance for Health, CA

“Feeding Hope”

LCM/CC/HN/RES/Nurse: Ana

Conditions: Bipolar Disorder, Diabetes Type I, Major Depression Disorder, Serious Mental Illness/Substance Use Disorder, Kidney Disease, COPD, Dementia.

Situation: My 65-year-old member stated that she has been having a hard time paying for food for her and her caretaker so I spoke with her to see what kind of food resource she would like to receive. At the time, she said she would take anything that I could help her with because she had run out of food, but prefers home delivery because she is unable to drive at most times.

Outcome: I researched meal delivery in her area (Goleta) and was able to find the local food bank that delivers food to senior members for free. I sent her a referral packet to sign and fill out and during the last meeting with her, she stated that she has been receiving food and is very thankful for the service I provided.

Health Plan: Central California Alliance for Health, CA

“Someone Out There Who Cares”

LCM/CC/HN/RES/Nurse: Joan

Situation: When I first started working with my 62-year old member, he stated that he had been addicted to opiates for the last 7 years. He reported that it started with depression over the death of his wife, turned into alcoholism, and escalated slowly over time. At the time he reported; “I know what I need to do in order to get off of them, and I know that it’ll help in healing everything. I just need to actually do it.”

Outcome: Over the next 3 months with me regularly checking in as he slowly became sober, he reported, “Sometimes it was really hard, but you always seemed to know and call me so I knew there was someone out there who did care and was rooting for me. I knew I could do it, but having you there made those hard days a little easier.” He has now been sober for over 6 months and recently told me, “Unless I get hit by a freight train, I’m never turning back. I feel so much better now without that ****, and I know it’s helped me better focus on my own health and just feel better emotionally…I have so many other coping skills now that I didn’t have before, so I can honestly say there’s no going back for me.”

Health Plan: Alameda Alliance, CA

“Meal Delivery: Horrible to Healthy”

LCM/CC/HN/RES/Nurse: Suzanne

Conditions: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, Diabetes Type II, Hypertension, Nocturia.

Situation: My member is a 69-year-old male who lives on his own in a senior community. During a home visit, he had food delivered to his doorstep. He took it out of the box and showed me the meals and they were frozen and he said the meals “tasted horrible.” He asked me if I could help him find meals that aren’t frozen, taste good, and are healthy so I submitted a referral to CCAH Community Support Services on his behalf.

Outcome: He was approved on 9/26/27 for Home Delivered Meals, including preparation per meal, Nutritional Counseling and a Dietitian to visit to his home. He was ecstatic when I told him and he soon canceled the meal plan he was currently on that he didn’t like.

Health Plan: Central California Alliance for Health, CA

“Vertigo Victory”

LCM/CC/HN/RES/Nurse: Stephanie

Conditions: Diabetes, Hypertension, Major Depression Disorder, Chronic Pain, Vision Loss, Osteoarthritis, Acid Reflux, Anemia.

Situation: My 62-year-old member has been experiencing vertigo the past two weeks since arriving home from his trip to Mexico. I gave him a call to ask about his trip and how he is readjusting to being home. After initial greetings he informed me he went to the hospital due to the severity of his vertigo symptoms and that he was released and provided medication but he was on his last two pills.

Outcome: I called his PCP to get the medication refilled and was able to connect him with his PCP for further communication.

Health Plan: LA Care, CA

“Moving On”

LCM/CC/HN/RES/Nurse: Denise

Conditions: Pre-diabetes, Hypertension, Edema, High Cholesterol, Chronic Pain, Urinary Problems.

Situation: My 62-year-old member has been looking for housing opportunities as she would like to move out of her current housing situation. I was able to find a new housing opportunity and contacted her so she could apply for new housing.

Outcome: She completed the application with my assistance and is hopeful she will soon find a new home.
Health Plan: LA Care, CA

Illustration of a city scape.

“Food Security On The Way”

LCM/CC/HN/RES/Nurse: Isabel

Conditions: Homelessness, Food insecurity.

Situation: Facing the challenges of homelessness, food insecurity, and the responsibility of caring for her oneyear- old child while also juggling school, my 19-year-old member sought support to improve her living situation.

Outcome: I helped her apply for CalFresh to help alleviate her food issues. While we wait for approval, she feels much better knowing that I’m there to support her and guide her through this tough time but also to know that there are resources there to help her. I’m excited to continue helping her in other aspects of her life, but as of now we’re off to a great start!

Health Plan: Alameda Alliance, CA

Illustration of a mom holding her baby.

“The Right to Choose”

LCM/CC/HN/RES/Nurse: Daisy

Conditions: Substance Use Disorder, Hypertension, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Situation: My 58-year-old member was facing frustration with their current PCP office where they felt unheard and their health concerns unaddressed so I talked to the insurance company to request a change of PCPs on their behalf.

Outcome: They sent us a list of possible PCPs for my member to choose from, giving them the power to improve their level of care.

Health Plan: Aetna, CA

“Swift Psychiatric Solutions”

LCM/CC/HN/RES/Nurse: Vanessa

Conditions: Diabetes, Schizophrenia, High Cholesterol.

Situation: My member is a 41-year-old male who’s caretaker had been unsuccessful at making a psychiatrist appointment to request an increase in medications because he’s been experiencing more psychological episodes.

Outcome: I offered to help request an urgent appointment and reached out to the psychiatrist’s office to explain the situation. I was given a direct line to the nurse who works with him and the doctor and we scheduled an appointment for the next day. Since, the caretaker has noted that he has significantly fewer psychological episodes.

Health Plan: LA Care, CA

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