SmartWeight Program

Our SmartWeight Program is fully integrated, science-based approach to weight loss that’s helping adults who need to shed pounds for a wide range of reasons.


SmartWeight Program

Our SmartWeight Program is fully integrated, science-based approach to weight loss that’s helping adults who need to shed pounds for a wide range of reasons.


Achieve a weight that’s right for you

Whether you’re facing a medical need to lose weight quickly, or wish to reduce your Body Mass Index (BMI) to get healthier and strengthen your immune system, our program is about creating a tailored, doable approach that best suits your unique needs.

Lose weight quickly and safely

The Titanium SmartWeight Program helps people who need to lose weight quickly, for a range of medical reasons. For example:

  • If you have been diagnosed with medical conditions, such as pre-diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea or fatty liver, we can help reverse their negative effects
  • If you’re about to have (or are recuperating from) certain surgeries – including bariatric, orthopedic, joint replacement, or others that require weight reduction – we can help you get your weight where it needs to be
  • If you’re carrying weight that your doctor tells you is a critical, immediate problem, we can identify the root cause – be it anything from your metabolism to the effect of medications.

The key to the Titanium SmartWeight Program is in the smart part – smart doctors, using smart science, aided by the latest technology to determine the smartest plan for you.

Customized program with one-on-one support

Our unique program is based on the understanding that there are underlying reasons behind an individual’s weight – and that the challenges each person faces in losing weight are unique. Using the latest available technology, we focus on accurately assessing your situation in order to develop a customized weight loss plan that works for you.

SmartWeight participants receive ongoing one-on-one support and a plan that’s customized for their metabolism, underlying medical conditions and current medications. And the results are clear: our patients lose a significant amount of weight in the first four weeks.

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The Titanium SmartWeight Program was conceived and developed by Dr. Roopa Dillikar, MD, a leading, board-certified expert in both Internal and Obesity Medicine.

You don’t have to be an existing Titanium patient to take part in the SmartWeight program. If you’d like more information, please call us at: 714-557-0997.

Titanium SmartWeight Program is a medical weight loss program. We can help you determine whether your health plan will cover this program. We accept most forms of health insurance.

See what others have to say

“I started seeing Dr. Roopa Dillikar in mid-May of this year as my new primary care physician. As I had done with many other physicians in 35+ years, I relayed that my main health concern was the extra weight in my midsection that I have tried in every imaginable way to lose without success. All other doctors have told me to just eat better and exercise and dismissed me but Dr. Dillikar immediately said that she could help me because she also specializes in weight management. She is a knowledgeable and kind person who listens to and really cares about her patients. I feel so fortunate to have found her. She diagnosed me with Metabolic Syndrome and started me on a program including meds, protein powder, exercise, and an app to document it all. As of today I have lost 25 pounds and feel and look healthier. I can’t believe that it took me until age 69 to find such an excellent physician.”.

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